Biotechnology is a global industry that has seen a rapid growth since 2006. It is
part of Australia’s thriving life sciences sector that is worth $4 billion per year,
and employs more than 240,000 people in high value STEM jobs.

Australia is home to more than 470 biotechnology companies. More than half
of these work across the therapeutics, agricultural biotechnology and diagnostics

Biotechnology: Where science meets entrepreneurship

Biotechnologists study the anatomy, physiology and characteristics of living
organisms. They develop new materials from or new applications using these
characteristics. They then combine both scientific and entrepreneurial knowledge to
create commercially usable outcomes.

For instance, biotechnologists may examine micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi,
yeast and their enzymes. They can use this knowledge to create and develop new
or improve existing products, materials or production processes.

In the agricultural sector, they enhance seeds and crops to increased productivity
or disease resistance.

In the food sector, they improve consumer diets by providing functional foods to
prevent a range of health issues.