Careers that started in science

Thanks to globalisation, rapid advances in knowledge and constant technological change, we have more career opportunities available to us than any other time in human history.

The future of work will be driven by new discoveries, technologies, opportunities, innovations and solutions powered by human intelligence.

A science qualification from UQ equips you to follow your curiosity. It can open the doors to an array of career pathways and employment opportunities that you may not have even considered.

Reducing the impacts of climate change, protecting the environment, curing illnesses, advancing economic policy, developing life-saving drugs, exploring space frontiers – all goals are achievable with a strong base of scientific knowledge.
As the old saying goes, “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. But how do you find your dream career? You've come to the right place – there are a few things to consider, so let’s get you started!

Study areas

Explore the pathways that many of UQ’s science graduates have taken in fields such as agriculture, biotechnology, finance, food science, marine and environmental sciences, research, wildlife and veterinary sciences and more.

Read tales of our alumni: from researching extinct fanged kangaroos to improving crop yields, from handling wild animals to refining 3D printing technology.
Our alumni are finding innovative solutions to avoid deforestation and degradation of ecosystems, working to achieve global conservation targets and improve disaster management. Find out how.
Browse the A to Z of scientific and mathematical careers: from feeding the world through to cancer research and measuring galaxies, our alumni are changing the world.

Featured graduates

Associate at McKinsey & Company, Sydney

“What I value most from my science degree was the problem solving and critical thinking skills I learnt. These skills have given me a scientific approach that I can apply to any kind of problem."
Threatened Species Officer at Phillip Island Nature Parks, Phillip Island (Millowl)

"During my time at UQ, I had the opportunity to learn from renowned conservation experts and be exposed to world-leading research projects, particularly in the fields of conservation and biological science."
Creator and Director of the Institute for Marine Research, Dauin Muncipality, Negros Oriental, Philippines

"Studying at UQ taught me how to think like a scientist, and create relevant research questions and studies on our most pressing issues."
Director of Commercial Operations (Asia Pacific and Japan) at Illumina

"UQ is more than a degree on a piece of paper – it’s the opportunity to link with the best in your industry if you are prepared to make the effort to leverage what’s available."

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