Jade Hsu

“Knowing that I can participate in the process of potentially changing patients’ lives is one of the most rewarding things one can hope for in a job.”


Why did you study biotechnology?

Initially I wanted to move out of Queensland for my uni degree, but after evaluating and talking to friends and graduates, I chose to study at UQ because UQ had the best research facilities. UQ also had a well-known reputation in research for higher degrees.

My bachelor degree in biotechnology provided a fundamental basis for scientific research. The honours program was my favourite experience throughout the whole degree. It was a truly great learning experience where I got to experience hands on research projects, such as working on the persistence of cutaneous HPV at Diamantina Institute. I believe my bachelor degree opened the door for me to explore research.


What kind of things do you do in your current job?

Medigen Biotechnology is a company that focuses of new drug development, particularly in liver disease and liver cancer.

My role requires me to:

  • communicate directly with global CRO and CMO for product registration
  • monitor and review project costing and analysis of all contracts
  • support international cooperation projects
  • assist in payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable functions
  • assist in local products registration and marketing
  • communicate with API suppliers for product’s supply
  • screen and select new generic drugs
  • provide scientific and marketing evaluation for potential markets.


What were some of the highlights from your studies?

In collaboration with Uniquest, pitching a real business plan in class during a business commercialisation course was an academic highlight. It felt very real as it was based on a real case and approached things from an applied perspective.


What advice would you give to someone starting their career?

Be like a sponge, absorb as much knowledge and learning experience as you can. The learning experiences that UQ offers through theory and pracs, will certainly be invaluable in the future. Take all the opportunities that UQ offers, especially the practical/applied sessions, because you will find them as insightful and invaluable as I found them.

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Jade Hsu

Job title
Project Manager, Medigen Biotechnology Corporation, Taiwan

Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)
Doctor of Biotechnology

Profile published 2016

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