Anna Podolsky

The skills I attained through my mathematics major were crucial to securing my position”


Why did you study mathematics and finance at UQ?

UQ drew me as it is the most prestigious university in Queensland, and has a strong reputation across the country in terms of research, facilities and lecturers and many other aspects.


What kind of work do you do as part of your job?

  • Structuring and framing key client business problems for a given project workstream, and generating hypotheses on the solution.
  • Performing analysis and research, to uncover insights and client recommendations.
  • Building strong, collaborative and trusting client relationships.

I worked in the Chicago office for 6 months, and have now been working as part of the Santiago, Chile office for 9 months. It’s been a great and very different experience – I’ve had to study Spanish and I now work mostly in Spanish!


What was the best part of your studies?

The skills I attained through my mathematics major were crucial to securing my position at Bain, as it provided me with a strong analytical base. Logical and data-driven thinking is one of the major skills Bain looks for, as these skills can be applied to framing and solving business problems.

I’ve also created some friendships for life, as well as strong connections which have been particularly useful in career networking and leveraging a variety of expertise and experiences.


What are your plans for the future?

I’m interested in the start-up world. During my time in Chicago I’ve been inspired by the entrepreneurial culture and the exciting ideas that are being generated and executed here. I just need to decide on an industry and city!

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Anna Podolsky

Anna Podolsky

Job title
Consultant, Bain & Company, Santiago, Chile

Bachelors of Science (Mathematics) / Commerce (Finance)

Profile published 2016

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