Alyce Frew

Optimisation and Improvement Specialist

$50K - $85K

  • Dual Bachelor Degree of Science and Commerce (Majors in Psychology and Finance) 
  • Master of Environmental Management (Major in Sustainable Development)

Alyce's story

Using her studies in Commerce, Psychology and Environmental Management, Optimisation and Improvement Specialist Alyce Frew is helping an Australian energy company achieve sustainable growth.

“I completed a dual Bachelor degree in Science and Commerce at UQ, then went on to complete a Master of Environmental Management majoring in Sustainable Development,” Alyce said.

“Undertaking higher educational studies, such as a Masters program, provides you with the tools you need to think independently and to have confidence in situations where you are dealing with ambiguity.”

Prior to this position Alyce  worked in  roles as a Psychometric Assessment Administrator and a Management Consultant.

“My first professional position was as a Psychometric Assessment Administrator, which was related to my major in Psychology was a great first step to acquiring experience in the workplace and gaining insight into how large companies operate.

Following on from this I went into Management Consulting where I was able to work across many different industries  including mining and energy  developing operating and change management models.

Alyce’s  current role involves process improvement, business planning, KPI development, change management, organisational design and business performance reporting.

“My job provides an opportunity for me to be part of a company seeking ways to make the future of energy more sustainable, something that appeals strongly to my background in environmental management,” she  said. “I work with a vast array of people with different backgrounds in procurement, warehousing, inventory and contracts.

“I enjoy working in a field that is growing at a rapid rate and offers prospects to grow with it.

“There are challenges and opportunities within every day, but this is the key to continual professional development and building your experience.”

Alyce plans to move to the United Kingdom to gain further industry experience, with a view to one day starting her own sustainable business.

“My time at UQ provided me with world-class degrees, facilities and access to knowledge,” she said.

“It has created the best foundation for a rewarding career, as well as the opportunity to study with students who  will undoubtedly go on to make significant contributions to society.”

Alyce Frew
Alyce Frew in office working hard as

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