Agriculture and Environment

With the world’s population set to triple by 2050, experts in sustainably managing the environment and agricultural practices will be in high demand.

Studying Agriculture will prepare you to go beyond traditional farming, and be in-demand in the food, fibre and farming industries. Modern agriculture combines scientific, technological, management, economic, environmental and social principles to sustainably feed the world.

More than ever, we need to enhance our understanding of fundamental Environmental Science to ensure the health of our planet and people.  From the impact of climate change, to managing natural resources and securing clean food and water, Environmental Scientists address global challenges.

Key Facts:

  • There are 5 jobs for every agriculture graduate in Australia*
  • 50% of agricultural positions in Australia are located in metropolitan areas
  • UQ is ranked No. 2 in Australia in Agriculture (and No. 17 in the world)
  • UQ is ranked No. 1 in Australia in Environmental Sciences (and No. 12 in the world)

*Source: Australian Farm Institute Occasional Paper: Professional Agriculture - A case of supply and demand, 2012.

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